Fee Structure:

We are not a bulk billing service.

The first appointment carries an out of pocket expense of $150.00.

The out of pocket expense for your follow up appointment is $100.00  per consultation.

For ADD or ADHD, the out of pocket expense for your first appointment would be $300.00. The out of pocket expense for follow up is $100.00 per consultation.



Please read our latest update. Apollo Specialist Centre has stopped operating. 

We are currently offering Telehealth services only. We do undertake comprehensive psychiatric evaluation and diagnosis of psychiatric disorders for persons aged 18 and over. We see people for their ongoing medication management and care.


In order to consult our psychiatrists via tele-health, you will require to obtain a referral from your GP. The Centre has been offering telepsychiatry i.e. video-consultations for people who live in rural and remote areas and unable to attend the clinic in person. You would be able to consult with our psychiatrists by video-link about your clinical issues, including diagnosis, medications and therapy. After the video-consultation, opinion of the psychiatrist as in a treatment plan would be discussed/communicated with the referring GP. Please call our Centre for more information.

ADHD Clinic

We run a specialized ADHD Clinic for thorough assessment, diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder for people aged 18 and over.


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